Republic of Armenia
Location: Eastern Europe
Capital: Yerevan
Religion: Christianity
Area: 29,800 sq. km.
Population: 3.8 million
Political system: Presidential
Climate: Dry, continental
Literacy: 99%
Local time: GMT+3

Armenia- a country of miracles, You are at a junction of East and West here, where customs and rites of old are still around, while European attitudes prevail. 

Time passes, scripts the history, still leaving us some footsteps behind to be found in this home of Armenians, which once counted among the great powers of the world, with a story dating back to the times of ancient Babylon. Armenians trace their history to the sixth century B.C. The ruins of the city of Erebuni, now the site of the current capital Yerevan, reveal an advanced civilization with well-developed architecture, language, and political system. The cuneiform found during one of the excavations in Yerevan claims that in 782 B.C. Menuas son Argishti built this fortress and named it Erebuni. This is a birth certificate of Yerevan, which informs the world that the capital of one of the most powerful ancient countries Urarru, Erebuni, at present Yerevan, is 2800 years old. Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt the Christianity, in 301 AD as its state religion. Armenia is one of the oldest centers of civilization.

The country whose past still comes to life today in unique and deep preserved traditions will warm you with its true hospitality and open mindedness. In this small territory professionals counted more then 15000 historical monuments, the oldest of them being five thousand years old. All historical sites of Armenia with old churches and temples, stones of cave towns and mountainous contrasted nature have their legend to tell. 

Armenia has a wonderful nature: small waterfalls, green meadows, sky-scraping mountains and more than a hundred mountain lakes and the worlds highest fresh-water lake Sevan, which is at an attitude of 2000 meters above sea level. 

Important crops are potatoes, olive, almonds, grains, grapes, cotton and diary products. Natural resources are copper, zinc, aluminum, molybdenum, cement, granite and marble. Industry: chemical, textiles, food industries, carpet weaving.



The majority of the population is Christian. The Armenians were the first in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 AD. The center of Armenian Apostolic Church is in Echmiadzin.


The meeting of the Council of Europe Ministerial Committee (January 2001) voted to admit Armenia as full member of the Council of Europe. Armenia has now become the 42nd member of this prestigious pan-European organization.


Armenia is a democratic country with presidential system of rule. It has a form a government comprised of an executive, a judicial, and a unicameral legislative branch. The 260 deputies of the Parliament, known as the Supreme Council, form the highest legislative body in the country. The Supreme Council has 16 committees, which along with ministries and state administrations, are actively involved in writing and legislation of draft laws. Deputies to the Supreme Council are elected by a general election every five years. The President is also elected every five years by universal suffrage. Armenian administrative structure consists of 37 regions, 27 cities, 31 towns and 921 villages. The majority of Armenian population lives in urban areas (68%) and the country has a population density of 110.5 per sq. km.


The climate of Armenia is highland continental, dry with four seasons. Temperatures can vary considerably between seasons. The summer is generally pleasant reaching 35 degree, though in the Ararat valley temperature may reach up to 40 degree. Winters are cold dipping to 5 degree below zero. Autumn is considered as the finest season with abundance of fruits, warm and velvety weather. Mountainous areas receive the most precipitation in the form of rain and snow. The most arid region of the country is along the Araks River.

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