1. Is YSMU recognized by the Medical Council of India?

YSMU is recognized by the Medical Council of India (IMC Act of 1956 Gazette of India, Part II, S.1, Extra, S. No. 83, dt. 31.12.1956). According to "Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act" one has to pass the FMGE 'Screening Test' securing 50% marks or more (MCQ’s with no negative marking).

2. Is YSMU a government university?

YSMU is a government University under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia. It is a state non-commercial organization.

3. Can YSMU graduates apply for USMLE & PLAB in order to practice in US and UK respectively?

YSMU graduates are globally accepted and are eligible to apply for both USMLE & PLAB test for US and UK respectively in order practice there.

4. When was YSMU founded?

It was founded in 1920 as a faculty of the Yerevan State University and later established as an Institute in 1930.

5. What is the medium of instruction?

Medium of instruction is English.

6. What is the duration of the graduate course?

Duration of the graduate course is 6 years..

7. When interested applicants can register for admission?

Registration for admission to graduate course is open throughout the year. Registration number would be allotted to the candidate for further references.

8. Where can applicants register for admission?

The applicants can register online at www.ysmu.net and request a meeting with University Representative to register them and avail free consultation. However it is strongly recommended to meet the University Representative for counseling even after the successful online registration to clear all the possible doubts and get contacts references of the students already enrolled to YSMU for clarifications.

9. Any charges for the Registration Form?

There are no charges for the Registration Form

10. When and where is admission test conducted?

Admission test is usually conducted by the University Officials in the months of June/ July in New Delhi. The dates should be confirmed in advance with the University Representative in advance.

11. Shall we get any admit card or intimation for the test?

No admit card would be issued. However Registration number would be issued on successful registration. It is strongly recommended that the interested candidates should be in regular touch with the Official Representative for the test dates.

12. What are the eligibility criteria for admission to graduate course?

Student should have attained 17 years of age as on 31st December of the year of admission and passed the higher secondary school examination (class XII) attaining minimum 50% marks in aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Biology and passing each subject individually including English.

13. What is the admission process?

14. How can the documents be Apostille?

15. Which documents should be Apostille?

Only Class XII mark sheet should be Apostille

16. When must admission fee be paid?

Processing  & service fee must be paid to the Representative on the same day of the admission test and admission letter would be granted the same day by the University Officials to the successful candidates.

17. Is the admission fee refundable after admission is granted?

18. Is the admission fee refundable in case admission is rejected?

Yes. Full amount of processing & service fee without any deduction will be refunded on the same day if in case admission to YSMU is rejected.

19. On what grounds admission can be rejected?

Admission can be rejected if student is not eligible, poor knowledge of the subjects, unable to qualify the admission test and poor English proficiency.

20. Is the admission test a competitive test?

No, it is a qualifying written test (MCQs) in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

21. Is the passport necessary at the time of admission?

No, passport can be submitted after admission at a later stage.

22. When should passport be submitted?

Passport should be submitted latest by the first week of August as it is necessary for the visa processing, purchasing ticket and foreign exchange.

23. What happens if student fails to submit his/her passport before the deadline?

As it is the sole responsibility of the student to submit his/her passport for completion of all the necessary formalities for visa, etc. in right time. The University will not be held responsible for any delay. It is the duty of the student to reach Armenia and join YSMU as per schedule. In case of failure for late submission of the passport or is unable to join YSMU as per schedule, admission fee will not be refunded.

24. When should the student apply for Eligibility Certificate?

It is mandatory to apply for the Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for Indian citizens. Student should apply to MCI after admission along with all the required documents at MCI office at New Delhi. 



25. What is the procedure for Armenian visa?

The University Representative will provide the student with the visa application form and assist is filling it up. The University will make all the necessary arrangements for the visa after submission of the passport.

26. When would visa be issued?

The visa would be issued approximately one week before the departure at the end of August.The visa would be issued approximately one week before the departure at the end of August.

27. What visa will be issued to the students?

Students will be issued Single Entry Student Visa for 90 daysStudents will be issued Single Entry Student Visa for 90 days.

28. Does the student need to pay for the visa?

No, the student doesn’t have to pay for the visa or the Residence Card, which will be extended every year by the University. Students travelling to India during their holidays must make sure to return to Armenia before the expiry of the validity of the Residence card. If the student fails to do so, he/she must pay for the visa at the respective Armenian Embassy.

29. What will happen after expiry of the visa?

After arrival in Armenia, the University will arrange for the ‘Residence Card’ for every student valid for one year. The University will arrange the extension of the Residence Card every year.

30. How the tickets can be purchased?

The student can make his/her own arrangements for his/her travel. The University Representative can assist for the same.

31. What is the best way to reach Armenia?

Presently, there is no direct flight from India to Armenia. There are several options available via Moscow, Dubai, Vienna, Sharjah, etc. However the most convenient option is a travel via Moscow as the airline allows carrying 46 kg luggage as compared to 20/ 30kg allowed by other airlines

32. How the tuition fee should be paid and when?

Tuition fee and hostel fee has to be deposited in the financial department of YSMU upon the student’s arrival at Armenia.

33. How the student should carry money for his personal expenditure?

Students are advised to carry cash for their personal expenditure

34. How can the student procure foreign exchange?

The students must procure foreign currency only through authorized Forex exchange centers and avail the receipt. The University Representative can provide necessary assistance and guidance if required.

35. Do students need medical insurance in Armenia?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the students to have medical insurance throughout the course of studies.

36. What is the cost of the medical insurance?

What is the cost of the medical insurance

37. Can there be a change in the tuition fee during the course of continuous study?

No, there can be no change in the tuition fee during the course of continuous study. Tuition fee is determined by the contract between the students and the University signed at New Delhi and remains unchanged throughout the period of education.

38. When does the session start?

Academic Session commences from 1st September for MBBS (Graduate course) and annually two intakes for P.G. course: 1st October & 1st March

39. Are the students received at the time of arrival in Armenia?

The students (freshers) are received at the airport upon arrival in Armenia by the University

40. Can parents accompany students during their first travel?

Can parents accompany students during their first travel

41. When are the vacations?

The vacations are twice a year: 2 to 3 weeks in January and

42. Can students travel to their home town during vacations?

During summer vacations students travel to their home countries however few also travel to other countries after obtaining necessary travel documents

43. Can a student travel to hometown in case of any emergency?

Student can travel to his/ her hometown after seeking permission and upon satisfaction of the authorities for a valid reason. Wedding in family does not qualify as an emergency.

44. On what grounds students can be expelled?

On what grounds students can be expelled

45. What degree is issued upon completion of the graduate course?

After successful completion of the course, M.D. ‘Physician’ degree would be awarded which is a graduate degree.

46. Is Indian food available in Armenia?

Is Indian food available in Armenia

47. Where is Armenia located?

Where is Armenia located

48. What is the climate of Armenia?

What is the climate of Armenia

49. What is the best time to visit Armenia?

What is the best time to visit Armenia

50. What is the state religion?

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 A.D. 98% of population of Armenia are Apostolic Christians.

51. What is the Armenian currency?

Armenian currency is Armenian Dram (1 USD= 410 AMD)

52. Is Armenia a democratic country?

Republic of Armenia is a democratic country.

53. Can students open bank accounts in Armenia?

Yes, students can hold bank accounts in Armenia

54. Can students have part time job in Armenia during the course of his study?

Students are not allowed to take part time jobs nor recommended.

55. What should students carry along with them to Armenia?

The University Representative will provide the list of necessary items to carry along to Armenia.

56. Should students carry books with them?

Should students carry books with them

57. What is the hostel fee?

What is the hostel fee

58. How far is the hostel from the University campus?

How far is the hostel from the University campus

59. What is the mode of transportation?

What is the mode of transportation

60. Are the hostels centrally heated during winter months?

Yes, hostels are centrally heated during winter months.

61. Do students need to pay for electricity/water in the hostel?

No, students don’t need to pay utility bills for electricity and water

62. Is internet facility available at the hostel?

Internet facility is available at the hostel for students free of cost at the computer hall.

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